Out the door at 10.30am. I have learned from my mistakes and after making a few lists, I have made the following adjustments:

1) I have changed my kit to the ‘A’ (older) pair of Saucony shoes, the Adidas tights, old flappy t-shirt. The shoe change is a bit talismanic; as apart from some yellow trim on the new ones, they are identical (or at least they are supposed to be). The tights are the bigger change, I am hoping the mild compression will solve the knee trauma, plus I feel  – and it’s only a feeling – that I run better in tights. Plaster up the nipples and blisters. I also take a small tin of Vaseline, which comes in handy when I lose a plaster.

2) For the first time on a long run am wearing the Karrimor belt with bottle. This sits round behind your waist like a bum bag. I looked up the correct ratios for the ideal fluid replacement drink on Thee Internet, and to cut a long, boring, and conflicting set of stories short have taken out a bottle containing Tropicana orange juice (for the potassium) mixed with water – according to the amount of sugar in Tropicana it should be around 5/12 OJ to 7/12 water. The idea is that this actually hydrates you better than plain old water. I measure this as ‘a bit less than half’ and add the recommended quarter-teaspoon of salt (to replace lost sodium). I stick this in the fridge overnight and put it in the freezer for an hour in the morning to get as cold as possible. No armband for keys etc needed, which I am glad of, cos the weight of it with keys in has started to piss me off.

3) I spent yesterday upping my carb intake, as advised from the bloody start. Toast and peanut butter for breakfast, baked potato with tuna and coleslaw, couple of sandwiches. Two poached eggs on two toast for breakfast.  This bit is easy.

The ten miles: I run out down Manor Road to the east gate of Clissold Park, and do eight laps, then out to Church Street and Fresh N Wild for a coffee. How do I know this is ten miles? I measured it all out, months ago. 0.75 miles to the gate. A lap of Clissold Park round the woodchip track, past the deer, over the bridge, in front of the cafe, and down the diagonal path by the tennis courts is 1.09 miles, so eight of them is 8.72 miles. The east gate to Fresh N Wild is 0.77 miles, making 10.22 in total. And… it’s a breeze. Knees are fine, sun isn’t too hot, energy flows almost all the way round, the homebrew fluid replacement hits the spot. Couple of tiny walk breaks on the last couple of laps, brief stop to massage the foot.  Goes very quickly. Yes. This is why running is awesome.