Visit new osteopath, Paul M—, up in the heart of legal Lahndan. My ‘usual’ one (I am a veteran of all of two sessions) is off on honeymoon. Paul is more expensive, much older, and treats my mother. Unfortunately, he reminds me enormously of David Cann as the doctor in the TV version of Blue Jam; he has a slightly spacey, Ford Prefect-y comic manner. He clearly knows exactly what he is doing, and gives me tips on all sorts of auld problems in addition to the knees and cricked neck, but both him and his peculiar ‘holistic’ surgery belong in a sketch show.  Rebooked with him slightly wearily, don’t really want yet another osteopathic opinion, and everything he said made a lot of sense. Weird though, and very expensive. I added up what I had spent directly on this marathon so far this year and wasn’t surprised to see that it was well into four figures. Until this year, I thought running was supposed to be a cheap (née free) hobby. I’m like the athletic equivalent of a classic car that costs a fortune to keep on the road.