AM – back in the park. I wear my smart bamboo-and-polyester Royal Parks running shirt, but it turns out to have a design flaw; the large screenprint on the back doesn’t wick away sweat, so the small of your back gets damp. Eedjits. Given how much I sweat, this is a problem. Maybe I’ll cut some holes in it. A guy in a ZZ Top T-shirt is running the other way just as Tres Hombres comes on the iShuffle. Feel like telling him this coincidence. Legs are still feeling sluggish after the half on Sunday. Leaden. No lift. Have a couple of little breaks. Three laps and the in and out means around 8k (5 miles), same as running home from work. Weather is getting chillier. Should’ve worn the tights, but they’re in the wash. Am glad of a huge Fresh N’ Wild coffee at the end.

According to all training schedules, I should be putting in at least 13 – 15 miles during the week before the long run; there is no chance of that happening, basically. The ‘long run’ is now so exhausting that it knocks me out for the first half of the week. I actually felt fine on Sunday after the race, but this Monday and Tuesday have been dense and sluggish; sleepy. At this late hour (three and a half weeks to go) I’m just going to stay as fit as I can and do shortish work like this as best I can during the week. The long run is hammering my body’s systems. My quads were getting sore on Monday, they were worst on Monday evening, and still twinge on walking downstairs or stepping off a train. The soreness means they are growing, of course. I haven’t actually lost any total weight for six weeks or so; although I am definitely losing fat from round my waist, my leg muscles have been exploding recently, new bits seem to bulge from them every week.

I work out the route for the next long run this Saturday. I am going to a wedding in Maidenhead on Saturday afternoon. I could do the long run on a Sunday, but that would mean staying stone cold sober at the wedding. All weddings are boring sober, even those of good friends.  So I have cunningly combined the two; am going to go to Maidenhead early on Saturday, drop my gladrags at my friend Ed’s house, and run the river.