Run home from work – 7.7k, just under 5 miles. Easy or what? Don’t even feel like I’m running for most of it, easily loping along. Runner. Only in the last little stretch do I start feeling my legs slightly, they haven’t quite got over the 20 miles down the river three days ago. Once upon a time, this sort of run was into the unknown. Now it feels like I could have probably done it ten minutes faster. Am looking forward to trying a 10k sometime after the marathon attempt, I suspect I could destroy my previous record of 68 minutes now. Am going to do a 5k this Saturday, definitely.

In the last month or so, an amazing five people in my open-plan office have decided to sign up for the Paris Marathon in April. I can’t credit my run attempt as the sole inspiration, but I may have helped things along a little. Pretty much every ‘watercooler’ moment turns into a running discussion. It’s weird being relied upon as a senior source for advice.

The awesomeness of my friends never ceases. We have now raised over £1000 for Autistica (plus a couple of hundred quid in GiftAid), with the US charity nudging $600. Hopefully I can get that up to a grand too before I go. A final fundraising push in the last week should do it. The charity thing was a bonus to start with, it’s become a source of pride and inspiration. I’ve really enjoyed writing the blog too, I was slightly amazed to find that this post makes 11,000 words. Am not planning to stop running or stop writing. We’ll see where each of them leads. A few people have been saying “are you going to do another one?”; which is a question I am not going to (can’t?) answer yet.