Out for the Finsbury Park ‘parkrun‘ 5k with Messrs Pitt and Clay. Why do they insist on starting it at 9am? I reckon they’d have twice the normal sixty or so runners if they started it at 10.30am. Didn’t wake up until 8, and (stupid stupid stupid) ate most of a bowl of chili con carne with pasta that was left over from last night. Brain fuzz. Trying to digest that and then running 45 minutes later… come on, durr. So I run round and everything works properly, but the tank is empty. You try and put your foot on the pedal and there’s nothing there. Finish in a sluggish 28.45, which is 45 seconds faster than the last one I did, but way below what I know I can do (26min 5k on the treadmill on a good day). Planning. Gotta.

Doing a short run like this is what is known as tapering, trying to keep myself fit but save energy before the big enchilada. Am planning a last outdoor run on Monday night, then indoor sprints on Wednesday, then rest completely for the three days prior.